The journal has the honor of being the first professional journal in the field of Islamic economics. It started publishing in 1403H (1983) under the title, “Journal of Research in Islamic Economics”. Over the years, it published some of the classical articles written by the pioneers of the newly emerging discipline of Islamic economics. The contributions published in the journal, the scope of which included Islamic finance, led to generating great interest in the field. Due to practical reasons, Islamic finance developed much faster than the “pure” Islamic economics, especially in the 1980s, though, generally speaking, finance was part of economics. Some of the most interesting debates on ribā (bank interest); Islamic banking, and to a lesser extent in zakāh, awqāf, etc., were published in this journal. In this way, the journal spearheaded the development of the new industry. The journal started publishing under the present name, “Journal of King Abdulaziz University: Islamic Economics”, in 1409H (1989) in accordance with the standardization of journal titles at the University, and has since been publishing regularly in both English and Arabic. In the year 1424H (2003), the Journal started publishing twice a year, and since 1435H (2014), the Journal publishes three issues: two in English and one in Arabic. In 2009, the journal won a listing in Scopus, one of the most prestigious indexing services. The Journal also has the honor of being listed in the (EconLit) indexing service of the American Economic Association since 1989.

We feel honored to invite scholars in the field to send their research to the journal. The journal is peer-reviewed with the review procedure based on the double-blind principle. Please see tabs “Aims and Scope” and “Guidelines for Contributors”. However, if you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

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