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JKAU-IE Editorial Evaluation Process

General Procedures:                                                                                                                    

As soon as a new submission is received for publication, acknowledgement of receipt is sent to the corresponding author and duly informed that, the paper will be put into peer review process, which comprises of (i) Internal Screening and (ii) External Double Blinded-Peer Review. Normally it takes 7-10 weeks to complete the review process.

In the first stage, an internal screening is done by the in-house Editorial Board that makes an initial overall assessment of the manuscript.  It also checks whether the paper has been prepared according to the guidelines of the JKAU-IE. Once the paper is found satisfactorily worthwhile, the author is advised to ensure that the paper is unpublished and that it is not under consideration anywhere for the same purpose. He is also required to sign the following pledge to this effect:


I/we have read and duly agreed with the rules hereinafter provided in the link: and thus, I/we hereby pledge that:

  • The manuscript submitted to JKAU-IE is my /our own unpublished original research work.
  • It has neither been published nor being considered for publication elsewhere electronically or otherwise. There is no conflict of interest.
  • The manuscript does not violate the intellectual right of any party.
  • I/we shall take full responsibility to incorporate all observations raised by the reviewers and/or the editorial board.
  • The manuscript shall not be withdrawn for any reason unless one is rejected by the editorial office.
  • If the manuscript is accepted by the JKAU-IE, it shall not be allowed to be published in the same form or amended version or in different language without a prior written consent obtained from the Editor-in-Chief.
  • In my/our capacity as the author (s), I/we shall solely be responsible for the infringement of any copyright violation.
  • The manuscript is free from plagiarism, illegality or ethical violation.
  • Failure to comply to articles of this pledge, I/we agree to bear all the pecuniary losses incurred and/or any other measures, as may be decided by the Editorial Board.
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