Islamic Economics Institute

Wednesday Seminars (2020-2021)

# Date Name Title Language
 Dr. Abderrazak Belabes 
 The Myth of barter and its impact on the representation of money
(2) 30-09-2020

 Dr. AbdulRahim Al-Saati

 The Social construction of Money

(3) 07-10-2020  Dr. Motasim Billah  Do Islamic Banks improve financial inclusion?   Arabic
(4) 14-10-2020  Dr. HichemSalim Hamza   Forms of Waqf funds and SDG Arabic
(5) 21-10-2020  Dr. Omar Zuhair Hafiz  Islamic economics: an attempt to define maqasid Arabic
(6) 28-10-2020  Dr. Ezz alDin Al-Tyeib   Skills to Develop the Specialization of Islamic Economics through Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision of 2030
(7) 04-11-2020  Dr. AbdulHalim Gharbi  The Islamic Digital Banking Industry: Opportunities and Challenges


(8) 11-11-2020  Dr. AbdulRahim Al-Saati   The Nodal Foundations of Economic Concepts Arabic
 (9) 25-11-2020  Dr. Halim Azhar   Islamic  Capitalism  And Financialization Arabic
(10) 02-12-2020  Dr.Sulaiman Al-Jowaisir   The Party Responsible for bearing the deficit in the Takaful Companies  Arabic
(11) 09-12-2020

 Prof. Yener Al Tunbas

 Do Bank Fuel Climate Change? English
(12) 16-12-2020  Dr. Nawal Baiyomi   Small projects financing problems and methods of Islamic finance to overcome them  Arabic
(13) 27-01-2021  Dr. Bishr M. Lutfi   Development of academic programs in the field of Islamic economics and finance Arabic
(14) 03-02-2021  Dr. M. Anas Al-Zarka   Twenty-one stations - the march of Islamic economics Arabic
(15) 10-02-2021  Dr. AbdulHalim Zaidan   How can the academic modernization of the endowment serve the advancement of the sector? Arabic
(16)  18-02-2021  Dr. Kaleem Alam   Fintech swot Analysis Arabic
(17)  24-02-2021   Dr. Ali Ahmad Al-Nadvi   Impact of Stability in Sharia Law and its Financial Applications Arabic
 (18) 10-03-2021   Mr. Mohammad Makki  Experimentation in Islamic Finance: Evidence from an RCT with Microenterprises in Pakistan English 

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