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The Center has been exerting efforts diligently to enhance its performance and present a high and pioneering academic output in the form of research and specialized studies in the field of Islamic Economics. In addition to capacity building of its staff to the level which satisfies its aspirations. The Workshop on Strategic Planning for Performance of the Center was held as an expression of a sincere desire to achieve distinction and leadership in its field. The Workshop was held at Al Abjar Hall at the Holiday Inn Hotel during the period 28-29 Dhu Al Qa’dah 1429H (corresponding to 26-27 November 2008G). The following participated in the Workshop:

  • H.E., Former Rector of King Abdul Aziz University, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Omar Zubair.

  • Among former directors of the Center, the following also participated:

  • Dr. Darwish Bin Siddiq Jastaniyyeh

  • Dr. Mohammed Najib Bin Ghazali Khayyat.

  • Dean of the College of Economics and Management, Dr. Hisham Bin Jamil Bardeesy.

  • Former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bin Sa’id Bamakhramah.

  • Current Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Hamid Al Sa’aati.

  • Director of the Center, Dr. Abdullah Bin Qurban Turkistani.

  • Deputy Director of the Center, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Saleh Abu Al ‘Ila.

  • Director of the Center for Curricula, Dr. Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Ghamdi.

  • Director of Administration of the Center, Mr. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Qader Abdul Bari.

  • Dr. Rafiq Yunis Al Misri

  • Dr. Abdul Azim Islahi

  • Dr. Ahmed Belouafi

  • Dr. Abderrazak Belabes

  • Dr. Fadul Al-Bashir, Secretary of the Academic Committee

  • Mr. Ali Bin Mohammed Ba Mashmous, Lecturer.

Workshop on the Future of Islamic Economics


Workshop on

The Future of Islamic Economics

Islamic Economics Institute
King Abdulaziz University
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
12-13 November 2012

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(b) Arabic Papers 


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