Meetings of Heads of the
Departments of Economics

Meetings of Heads of the Departments of Economics and

Islamic Economics in Universities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Meeting Number Date Held Main Theme
 12th 26-27/06/1436H
The Project for the preparation of a textbook in "Design & Development of Islamic Financial Products".
 11th 12-13/06/1434H
Teaching of Shari'ah Maxims related to Financial transactions.
Tenth 10/04/1432H 03/15/2011G Introduction to the Principles of Islamic Finance.
Ninth 02/02/1430H 28/09/2009G Teaching Handout: Financial Markets from an Islamic Perspective.
Eighth 14-15/11/1427H Teaching of Financing and Insurance Decision-makers from an Islamic Perspective.
Seventh 7-8/08/1425H
Teaching Jurisprudence of Islamic Financial Transactions Teaching Money and Banking.
Sixth 21-22/1/1422H
Teaching Money and Banking from an Islamic Perspective.
Fifth 17-18/10/1419H Teaching International Economics from an Islamic Perspective.
Fourth 27-28/11/1413H Teaching Public Finance from an Islamic Perspective.
Third 25-26/11/1413H Teaching Islamic Economics Courses.
Second 16-17/11/1412H Teaching Islamic Economics Courses.
First 27-28/03/1405H Teaching the Principles of Microeconomics from an Islamic Perspective

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