Wednesday Seminars (2021-2022)

at Islamic Economics Institute, King Abdulaziz University

# Date Name Title Language
Dr. Omar Zuhair Hafiz 
Subscribers Fund (Takaful Policyholders Fund)
in a Takaful Insurance Company (The Fund)

(2) 29-09-2021 Prof. Mohd Ma’Sum Billah Sukuk Takaful (Insurance) Model Rationality
& Technical Know-How?
(3) 06-10-2021 Dr. Abdullah Al-Otaibi Doctrinal Rooting of the Insurance Industry Arabic 
(4) 20-10-2021
Mr. Mahomed Akoob Takaful in South Africa: Retakaful and Practical Challenges English  
 (5) 27-10-2021   Dr. Nizar Al-shaikh Ethical Standards in Islamic Economic Dealing
with the Electronic Link of the Evidence related to it

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