Wednesday Dialogue & video conference: CEFN (UP1) – IEI
S/N Gregorian Hijri Speakers Topic
1. 04/09/2013 28/10/1434H Mr. Kaleem M. Alam Profit, Dividend, and Compensation: Empowering Shareholders
2. 09/09/2013 12/11/1434H Mr. Misfer Al-Dheem
(Hiwar Sorbonne-20)
Shariah Supervisory Board(SSB): Fighi & Legal Perspectives
3. 02/10/2013 26/11/1434H Dr. Munawar Iqbal   Maqasid Al-Shaiah with special reference to Islamic Economics and Finance
4. 30/10/2013 02/12/1434H Dr. Ahmed Mahdi Belouafi   Risk Sharing in Finance: The Islamic Finance Alternative
5.  06/11/2013 03/01/1435H Dr. Saad H. Al-Lehyani  Exchange of Debt with Debt in the Maliki School of Jurisprudence by:
Dr. Rihab Baladil
6.  13/11/2013 10/01/1435H Dr. Omar Zuhair Hafiz   Readings in the economic decisions of doctrinal
7.  20/11/2013 17/01/1435H Dr. Abdullah Ali Ajabna  Islamic Investment Sukuk business Organizations in Sudan
8.  27/11/2013 23/01/1435H Dr. Necati Aydin
(Hiwar Sorbonne-21)
Neuroeconomics: Promises and Pitfalls for Conventional and Islamic Economics 
9.  04/12/2013 01/02/1435H Dr. Fadil M. Y. Othman  Partnership and Rent Contracts Mechanism to Own Properties 
10.  18/12/2013 15/02/1435H Mr. Sulaiman Abdullah Al-Obaid Benevolent loan programs and their Economic Effects: An Attempt to Develop
11.   25/12/2013  22/02/1435H Mr. Sultan Abdulsalam  

To What Extent Mandatory Voting Requirement Enhance the Corporate Governance?

12.  01/01/2014 29/02/1435H Dr. Walid Mansour Islamic Equity Market Integration and Volatility Spillover between Emerging and US Stock Markets
13.  08/01/2014 07/03/1435H Dr. Pierre-Charles Pradier
(Hiwar Sorbonne-22)
Protecting the family, from levirate to family takaful: Historical perspective, contemporary significance
14. 15/01/2014 14/03/1435H Dr. Fadul AbdulKarim Why do not become the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a Global Financial Hub for Islamic Finance
15. 05-02-2014 05-04-1435H Mr. Osman Aurakzai Islamic Micro Finance in the Light of Divine Social Frame Work
16. 12/02/2014 12/04/1435H Dr. Mohammad
Islamic Preferred Shares
(Hiwar Sorbonne-23)
17.  19/02/2014   19/04/1435H Dr. Lotfi S. Zairi  Takaful Industry: Inclusion Innovation 
18.  05/03/2014  04/05/1435H  Dr. Ali Ahmad Al-Nadwi  The Maxims of IJARAH (Leasing)
and its Applications

19.  12/03/2014  12/03/1435H  Dr. Abdul Azim Islahi 
(Hiwar Sorbonne-24)
What did hold back the Middle East?
The thesis of the long divergence revisited
20. 19/03/2014  19/03/1435H   Dr. Mohaamad Saado Al-Jurf   Models of Cooperative Insurance and its underpinnings in some Muslim-Arab countries
21.  02/04/2014   02/06/1435H Dr. Abdul Azim Islahi  Is ayat al-riba the last revealed verse of the Qur’an?
22. 09/04/2014 09/06/1435H Mr.EzzedineGholamullah
(Hiwar Sorbonne-25)
Rights of beneficiaries for endowment contracts: Fitting French assurance-vie to the Islamic moral order
23.  16/04/2014  16/06/1435H  Dr. KENNETH BALDWIN   Asset Liability Management for Islamic Banks: A Model to Quantify the Capital Required to Absorb Refinancing Risk
24.  23/04/2014  23/06/1435H  Dr. Al-Ayashi Al-Sadiq Faddad  Money Endowment Applications: Questions and Shar'ia issues
25.  30/04/2014  01/07/1435H  Dr. Hayat Khan  Economics of Agents with social preferences: the Third fundamental Theorem of Welfare Economics
26.   30/04/2014  01/07/1435H   Dr. Sami I. Al-Swailim  Salam-based System of Finance
27. 14/05/2014   15/07/1435H   Dr. Mohammad Sado
Connecting Universities along the eSilk Road 
28.  21/05/2014   22/07/1435H   Dr.Mazin A. Al Bukhari   Justice and Charity in Islamic Law : Legal and Juristic views
29.  28/05/2014  29/071435H  Dr. Mansour Al-Ghamdi  Interpretation of usury due to the absence of risk theorem 
    IEI Wednesday Dialogue: Islamic Economics Institute
    UP1 :VC with University of Paris 1

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