Wednesday and Sorbonne Seminars (2014-2015)

# Date Name Title Language
1 24-09-2014 Prof. Abdul Azim Islahi Socio Economic Corruption in the Holy Quran Arabic
2 22-10-2014 Dr. Ahmad Islambouli Al Iltifat Arabic
3 05-11-2014 Prof. Abdul Rahim Al-Saati The Theory of Islamic Knowledge and Scientific Values for Islamic Economics Arabic
4 12-11-2014 Dr. Jérôme Ballet & Abdelilah Hajjy Islamic Bank: An Alternative Model?
(seminar of the Sorbonne Chair)
5 19-11-2014 Dr. Ahmed Al Maghrabi Paper on Endowment Arabic
6 03-12-2014 Dr. Abderrazak Belabes The Quebec land bank: a model to overcome the dichotomy “conventional/Islamic” Arabic
7 10-12-2014 Prof. Muhammad Umer Chapra
Muslim Civilization: The Causes of Decline and the Need for Reform English
8 17-12-2014  Mr. Sultan AbdulSalam           A Brief Analysis of the Expected and Non-Expected Outcomes from the Application of Rome I Regulation in the European Zone in Light of Islamic Cross Border Transactions           English       
9 31-12-2014 Prof. Abdul Azim Islahi Stages of Socio-Economic Development Concept of Shah Wali Allah Dihalwi (1703–1762) Arabic
10 14-01-2015


Prof. Drs. Cecile Renouard 

The Ethical Responsibility of Multinational Firms
CEFN from Paris
11 28-01-2015 Dr. Walid Mansour Dynamic Profit and loss Sharing English
12 11-02-2015

Dr. Ahmed Belouafi               Dr. Abdurrazzq Belabes

The British Approach in the Design of Shariah Compliant Financial Products: The Case of Student Loans English
13 25-02-2015 Rahal Beladel Readings on Some Recommendations of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy         Arabic
14  04-03-2015  Dr. Kaleem Alam Debt in Islam and Responsibility of the Stock Market Investors (Shareholders)  English
15  11-03-2015

Mr. Anass Patel 

Channeling Asset-Managed Sukuk towards SMEs financing: Sukuk Mudaraba prototype applied to a French SME English
16 01-04-2015 Mr. Hussain Ben Younes The Engineering of Awqaf Industry: The Case of Newzealandian Awqaf Arabic
17 08-04-2015 Prof. Abdul Azim Islahi

"The Genesis of Islamic Economics" Revisited (CEFN from KSA, Jeddah)

18 06-05-2015 Dr. Ali Nadvi Partial & Total Maqasid and their Impact in Weighing Arabic
19 13-05-2015 Prof. Marie-Anne Valfort 

Religious Discrimination in the French Labour Market (CEFN from Paris)

20 20-05-2015 Dr. Fadul Abdul Karim Toward a Typology of the Critics of Islamic Banks Arabic

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