Wednesday and Sorbonne Seminars (2018-2019)

# Date Name Title Language
 Dr. Abderrazak Belabes
The lie of finance: Mathematics, the price signal and the planet, Paris: Editions of l'Atelier
(2)   19-09-2018  Dr. M. Omar Chapra  Maqasid Al Sharia and the role Of economic and financial system in their ealization Engilsh 
(3)   26-09-2018  Dr. M.A. Al-Abdur Rhim   Towards the Development of an Equity-Based and Sharia-Consistent Monetary System Arabic 
(4)   03-10-2018  Dr. Khalid A. Al-Mizyani  Developing the teaching of financial transactions jurisprudence using Skills strategy (Case Study) Arabic 
(5)   10-10-2018  Dr. Hichem Hamza  Business cycle, oil prices and lending in dual banking systems: A panel investigation on the GCC countries  Arabic 

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