Wednesday and Sorbonne Seminars (2017-2018)

# Date Name Title Language
 Prof. Dr. M. Anas Al-Zarqa
Yes to Real banking Murabahah – even with a binding promise
 Dr. Abderrazak Said Belabes

The Concept of Cooperative Insurance Its Historical Background and Epistemological Dimensions 

(3) 27-09-2017
 Prof. Dr. Mohd Ma'Sum Billah
Variation in Takaful Model: Its Theo-Socio-Economic Impacts (Sorbonne-47) English
(4) 04-10-2017
 Dr. AbdulRahim Al-Saati 
Knowledge and Applications Failure of Islamic Financial Theory Arabic
(5)  11-10-2017   Prof. Dr. Pierre-Charles Pradier  Cryptocurrencies: A Challenge for Law and Economics? (Sorbonne-48) English 
(6)  18-10-2017
 Prof. Dr. Mohd Ma’Sum Billah Bit coin / BTC? Its Halal Alternative, Risk Factors & Takaful Solution
(7)  25-10-2017

 Dr. Hichem Salim  Hamza and Dr. Zied Saadaoui

Monetary transmission through the debt financing channel of Islamic banks: Does PSIAplay a role?

(8)  01-11-2017  Dr. Faisal M. Atbani Entrepreneurial Enterprise in Saudi Arabia Analyses of Legal Challenges Facing Entrepreneurial Enterprise Arabic 
(9)  08-11-2017  Dr. Kaleem Alam Money From Past To Sharing Economy : Studying OneGram as Future Prototype (Sorbonne-49) English 
(10)  15-11-2017  Prof. Fahad A. Al-Yahya Waqf Banking Project Arabic 
22-11-2017  Prof. Salih Al-Saad Zakat Accounting for Receivables Arabic 
(12) 29-11-2017   Prof. Saif al-Deen The Economic Objective of Shariah underlying Riba al-fadhl (REL) Arabic  
(13)  06-12-2017   Prof. Abdullah al-Omrani  BENEFITS OVER A 3rd PARTY LOAN Arabic 
(14) 13-12-2017     Dr. Mohyedine Hajjar Establishing Islamic insurance in French law (Sorbonne-50) English  
(15) 20-12-2017  Dr. Hilal Musa Husain


(16)  27-12-2017  Dr. Faddad Trust and its contemporary Waqf applications; Discussions and explorations Arabic 
(17)  03-01-2018   Dr. Abdelhalim GHERBI Towards a Gradual Methodology for Sharia Stock Rating  Arabic 
(18) 10-01-2018   Mr. Ibrahim Mohammad
OneGram: The First Physically Backed By Gold and Shariah Compliant Cryptocurrency (Sorbonne-51) English 
(19)  24-01-2018  Mr. Hisham Abdallah Shata

CBX System Commodity Base eXchange Solution

(20)  31-01-2018   Prof. Abdul Azim Islahi A critical study of the rule of the Lord, as stated in the book "What is Riba?" Arabic 
(21)   07-02-2018  Prof. Pierre-Charles Pradier A Framework for ICO Regulation Focus on the French case (Sorbonne-52) English 
(22)  14-02-2018   Prof. Mohammad Al-Jurf External returns from the Islamic perspective Arabic 
(23)  21-02-2018   Dr. Ahmad Belouafi Where does money in circulation in Modern economies come from? An Exploratory Study Arabic
(24)  28-02-2018   Dr. Ali Ahmad Al-Nadvi Imam Al-Sarakhsi-Muhammad Ahmad is a notable figure of Islamic History  Arabic
(25)  07-03-2018   Dr. Mohammad Al-Zahrani
Price Changes in the Market Model : "A Structural Study of the Islamic  Economic Heritage" Arabic
 (26)  14-02-2018  Dr. Antonios Kouroutakis Sharia Law in Greece  (Sorbonne-53) English
(27)   21-03-2018  Dr. Francine Pickup Unlocking the Potential of Zakat and Other Forms of Islamic Finance to Achievee the SDGs in Indonesia  English
(28)  28-03-2018  Dr. Adil Qutah Sciences, Knowledge, Skills and Experiences needed in studying the contemporary issues of jurisprudence transactions: Jurisprudence vision   Arabic
(29)   18-04-2018  Dr. Abd elrahman Elzahi ALI Empowering Women through Islamic Financial Inclusion: Some Evidences from Comoros English
(30)   25-04-2018  Prof. Saif eldin Taj eldin Venture Capital Adaptation of the Istisnaa-hedged Investment: A recipe for industrial development  Arabic

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