Message from The Dean

The conversion of the "Islamic Economics Research Center," is a natural progression to an "Institute" after thirty-five years of scientific research. The Center was established in 1977, and since then a solid scientific infrastructure has been formed – large library, refereed journal, reputable name and active dialogues – on which the "Islamic Economics Institute " has been built, which was launched on 14 November 2011, to extend its activities from research only to include graduate studies and training programs. As the center was the first research center to be established, King Abdulaziz University establishment the first Institute of Islamic Economics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The "Islamic Economics Institute" has a vision to pursue, and goals to work for - putting his hand in the hands of similar academic and applied institutions in the East and West – in order to build a more just economic system to achieve happiness and to be a mercy to all creatures. To that end, the Institute harnesses all of its resources, to create an environment where generations of scientists and experts are to be prepared and delivered in the fields of Islamic economics. To this noble end, the Institute cooperates with many academic institutions around the world, the most important are the cooperation with the IE University in Spain and the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.

The Islamic economics Institute (IEI) values human resources and considers it as the basis for qualitative success, and also values the role of the direct interaction to promote its output. The IEI gladly encourages suggestions and ideas to raise its performance and improve its output in quality and quantity.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Nasseef

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9/14/2023 8:23:33 AM