Islamic Economics Institute

Wednesday Academic Dialogue

Models of Cooperative Insurance
its underpinnings in some Muslim-Arab countries

   Dr. Mohammad Saado Al-Jurf
Islamic Economics Department
Ummul-qura University, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, KSA

 Wednesday 19 March, 2014 (18 Jamad I, 1435)


This paper aims to identify the forms of Cooperative insurance, i.e. Takaful, and its components in the systems, and legislations of a number of Arab and Islamic countries, and compare them with each other. It also aims to identify and compare the forms of Cooperative insurance practically applied by the Cooperative Insurance Companies and the shared elements of those models, in a number of Arab, and Muslim countries. The paper has revealed that there is a systemic interdependence and netting, regarding the payment of subscription, and the maturity amount of insurance in the event of danger. The paper concluded a clear relationship between insurance companies and its policy holders in many forms. These were collections of contributions, its investment, and payment of compensations to the agency for some companies, Speculation relationships were also revealed, and Agency relationships were found, combining Speculation and Agency relationships, sharing surpluses with policy holders, paying Surpluses solely to policyholders only in others. The paper has also found similarity and uniformity in Takaful insurance systems, and documents. The Takaful Contracts were found to be consistence with the regulations, legislation and terminologies under which they operate.

The study recommended reformulation of these systems, regulations, legislation and documents, reflecting what it is supposed to be a Cooperative insurance, under which the system operate, i.e. the essence of Takaful as a donation.


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