Islamic Economics Institute

Meetings of Heads of the Departments of Economics (10)

Tenth Meeting of the Heads of Economics and
Islamic Economics Departments of the Kingdom Universities

With the blessing f Allah (SWT) the tenth meeting of the heads of economics and Islamic economics Departments in Saudi Arabia Universities was held at the invitation of the Islamic Economics Research Centre, Faculty of Economics and Administration, King Abdul Aziz University. The meeting took place at the Centre's headquarters on Jeddah on Tuesday, 10/4/1432 AH corresponding to 3/15/2011.

The objectives of the meeting were:

1 - Confirm the importance of supporting the efforts of the teaching of various economic articles from an Islamic perspective.
2 - Follow-up to improve and develop the decisions of the Islamic economy.
3 - Exchange of experiences between the departments of economics, particularly with regard to the preparation of curricula and teaching materials with the decisions of Islamic economics.
4 - Encourage professors of economics departments familiarized themselves with the Islamic concepts and jurisprudence related to the economic decisions that they teach. 

The main theme of the meeting was to discuss “Introduction to the Principles of Islamic Finance” teaching manual prepared by Dr. Sami bin Ibrahim Al-Suwailem, Director of Development of Islamic Finance program at the Islamic Development bank.

The scheduled program of the meeting:
1 - Visit the center.
2 - Opening.
3 - Director's Message

4 - First working session: (Teaching Islamic finance)

- “
Features and Trends of Islamic finance Modules and Programs in higher education institutions Across the World paper was presented by  Dr. Ahmed Belouafi, a researcher at the IERC,  who c-authored the paper with Dr. Abderrazak Belabes, a researcher at the IERC as well.
“Introduction to the Principles of Islamic Finance”  was then  presented by Dr. Sami bin Ibrahim Al-Suwailem

5 - The second working session: (Experiments of training in Islamic finance) 
The experience of the General Council for Islamic banks and institutions.
     - The experience of the Institute of Banking SAMA.
     - The experience of the Islamic Institute for Research and Training.
     - The experience of Dallah Al Baraka Group.

 Important recommendations were issued at the end of the meeting.  (See Detials in Arabic)


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