Islamic Economics Institute

Wednesday Academic Dialogue (22)


Quality Control and Improvements in

Research of Islamic Economics

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Abdul Azim Islahi

Chief Editor, JKAU-IE

Islamic Economics Institute, King Abdulaziz University

Wednesday 22-03-2017 (23-06-1438H)


This paper deals with the question of quality control in researches on Islamic economics and related areas and how to improve it. It is mainly based on the author's short experience as the chief editor of the Journal of King Abdulaziz University: Islamic Economics (JKAU-IE). He got motivation to write about it by an article entitled "How to Write an Effective Referee Report and Improve the Scientific Review Process" authored by three American professors. A few points of this article have also been highlighted in this paper in addition to the author's advice to the researchers to avoid dependency on unknown and secondary sources, be careful while referring to the Quran and ahadith, do not rely on internet information unless it is supplemented and verified by other reliable sources. Standard rules should be followed in paging and quotations. The paper also exposes malpractices in joint authorship. It is proposed that it should be made obligatory and a condition for acceptance of a joint paper to add a note, at the beginning or at the end of the paper, to declare which idea or part of the paper belongs to which author. At the end the paper warns of some other unethical practices that cause deterioration of research standard.

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