Islamic Economics Institute

Wednesday Academic Dialogue Subject-1432-06

The Writings of Non-Muslims about Islamic Finance
Within the Context of the International Financial Crisis:
Willem Buiter as an Example

Dr. Ahmed Mahdi Belouafi
Islamic Economic Research Centre
King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Abstract. This paper discusses the writings of a non-Muslim Economist about Islamic finance within the context of the recent international financial crisis. The examined example is that of Willem Buiter; the ex-professor of the London School of Economics, and the current chief economist at the Citigroup in London. The paper provides a brief biography of Mr. Buiter and then analyzes his two articles about Islamic Finance. It has also been highlighted how we can benefit from such writings in discussing contemporary financial and economic matters from Islamic Economics perspective.
Key words: Willem Buiter, Islamic finance, the international financial crisis.
JEL Cclassification: A11, G00, G01.
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