Islamic Economics Institute

Academic Achievements-35-1436H

14. Refereeing Research Papers

I. Refereeing Research: This year, 21 research papers have been refereed for 11 academic institutions such as:

  1. The 10th International Conference on Islamic Economics (6 papers)
  2. Deanship of Scientific Research, King Abdulaziz University (3 papers)
  3. King Abdulaziz University Journal: Islamic Economics (one paper)
  4. SABIC ChairforIslamic Finance MarketStudies (one paper)
  5. Ro'a Economic Journal (2 papers)
  6. Permanent Promotion Committee, King Abdulaziz University (one paper)
  7. Scientific Committee, Islamic Economics Institute (2 papers)
  8. Hijaz International Refereed Journal for Islamic and Arab Studies (one paper)

II. Various Consultations: This year, the Islamic Economics Institute has provided professional consultations to several institutions such as:

  1. University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  2. University of Business and Technology, Jeddah.
  3. Aligarh Muslim University
  4. The Jordanian Islamic Finance Association
  5. Bahrain Institute for Financial and Banking Studies
  6. Banking Studies Institute, Libya
  7. Ridha Investment Group, Makkah Al-Mukarramah
  8. Kuwaiti Financing House, Bahrain
  9. Bareeq Al-Asr Training Center, Jeddah
  10. Shura Company for Islamic Consultations, Kuwait
  11. Presidency of Meteorology and Environment
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