Islamic Economics Institute

Academic Achievements-35-1436H

11. Wednesday Dialogues

The Wednesday Dialogue is one of the deeply-rooted traditions of the Islamic Economics Institute that has been held since 1405 H. It is a weekly meeting for the IEI faculty members and researchers; experts and specialists are also invited. New academic topics proposed by researchers are discussed in those dialogues. Some of those topics revolve around intellectual issues and some focus upon applied issues. Wednesday Dialogues are scheduled, organized and conducted by Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Saleh and Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sa'eed Bel-Abbas. They can be categorized into three topics as follows:

Dialogue Topic & Title




Islamic Economics

Social and Economic Harms and How Qur'an Kaeem Tackle Them Prof. Abdul Atheem Islahy IEI Researcher
 (2) Theory of Islamic Knowledge and Academic Values of Islamic Economics Prof. Abdul Raheem Al-Sa'aty Economic Consultant
 (3) Towards Setting The Quality Criteria in Awqaf Dr. Ahmed Al-Maghraby Waqfuna Organization
  (4) Engineering of Awqaf Industry: New Zealand Awqaf As An Example Mr. Hussein Bin Yousuf  Secretary-General of the New Zealand Awqaf

 Fiqh (Jurisprudence) of Islamic Transactions


 Optimism Dr. Ahmed Al-Islambooly  
 (6) The Servitudes Theory for Shah Waleyyullah Al-Dahlawy (1703 – 1762) Prof. Abdul Atheem Islahy IEI Researcher
 (7) A Juristic Reading of A Number of the Decisions Made by the International Islamic Fiqh Academy Dr. Rahal Bal-Adel Islamic Bank for Development
 (8)   Justice and Its Impact on Fiqh (Jurisprudence) of Transactions Dr. Aly Al-Nadwy IEI Researcher



Islamic Financing and Banking

Exploring the Interactions Between Community Financing and Islamic Ethics Dr. Abdul Razzaq Bel-Abbas IEI Researcher
 (10) A Brief Outline of the Expected and Unexpected Outcomes of the Application of Rome Law 1 in Europe in the Light of the Transboundary Financial Transactions Mr. Sultan Abdul Salam IEI Lecturer
 (11) Dynamic Gain/Loss Sharing Dr. Walid Mansour Monsef IEI Researcher
 (12) Debt in Islam and the Investors' Responsibility in the Capital Market Dr. Kalim Alem IEI Researcher
 (13)   Tenancy Credit Card Mr. Ahmed Nassar IEI Lecturer


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