Islamic Economics Institute

A Selected of Papers, presented to
The Second International Conference on Islamic Economics
held at Islam Abad, Pakistan. 1983=1403H


English Papers

1. Ahmed Mustafa and Hossein G. Askari, Economic Implications of Islamic Land Ownership and Land Cultivation

2. Anisur Rahman, `Methodology for the Formation of Urban Development Plans in Islamic Context".

3. M. Raihan Sharif, "The Concept of Development in Islam".

4. Ali Ahmed Rushdi, "Effect of the Elimination of Riba on the Distribution of Income".

5. Ausaf Ahmed, "A Macro Theory of Distribution of Income in an Islamic Economy".

6. Zubair Hasan, "Distributional Equity in Capitalism and Islam".

7. Ataul Hoque, "Poverty, Inequality and the Role of Islamic Institutions".

8. Muhammad Nejatullah Siddiqi, "Guarantee of a Minimum Level of Living in an Islamic State".

9. Mohammad Abdul Mannan, "The Economics of Poverty in Islam".

10. Fahim Khan, "Consumption Function in an Islamic Perspective and its Macro-Economic Consequences in the Context of Growth and Income Distribution".

11. Ahmed Tabakoglu, "Labour and Capital Concepts in Islamic Economics".

12. Fazlur Rahman Faridi, "Public Budgeting, Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth in an Islamic Framework".

13. Ilhan Oskay, "International Monetary Order and OPEC's Surplus Revenues: Its Implications in the Muslim World's Developing Countries

14. M. Aqeel Ansari, "An Institutional Framework for Capital Formulation in an Islamic Economy".

Arabic Papers

1. Al Abd al Rasul, "Outlines for Courses on Economics in Islamic Perspective".

2. Abdullah Abd al Aziz Abid, "Categorization of Needs in Islam and its Impact on Promoting Economic Growth".

3. Alimed Al Safati, "Wealth and Children and the Inevitability of the Golden Balance".

4. Rohi Ozjan "The System of Financial Support for Relatives in Islamic Law".

5. Abd al Rahman Yusri Ahmad, "Economic Relations Among Muslim Countries and their Role in Economic Development".

6. Muhammad bin al Hadi Abul Ajfan, "Endowments Relating to Mosques and their Impact on Development and Distribution".

7. Abdul Malik al Sayed, "Islamic Endowment and their Role in Social and Economic Development in Islam".

8. Abedin Ahmad Salama, "Basic Needs and the Method of their Provision in Islamic State".

9. Muhammad Anas Zarqa, "Towards an Islamic Normative Theory of Distribution".

10. Rafiq al-Masri, "Banking Operations in Islamic Framework".

11. Hasan Abdullah al-Amin, "Interest-free Investment in the Context of the Murabaha Contract".

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