Islamic Economics Institute

Wednesday and Sorbonne Seminars (2016-2017)

# Date Name Title Language


 Dr. Pierre-Charles Pradier

How fair is gambling? Assumptions on the gamblers’ cognitive abilities are likely to create bias in favour of the operators (Sorbonne-41) English
 Dr. Abderrazak Said Belabes
Do We Need to Review our Starting?
 Dr. Mansoor Al-Ghamdi Waqf Shares Return
(4) 12-10-2016
 Prof. Mohd Ma'Sumbillah
Emergence of Sovereign Sukuk Towards eco-Sustainbility and Development (Sorbonne-42) English
(5) 26-10-2016
 Dr. Mohammad Sado Al-Jurf 

Models of Cooperative Family Insurance in Arab and Islamic Countries: A Comparative Study

(6)  02-11-2016

 Dr. Mohammed Al-Suhaibani

 Dr. Khalid Al-Muhanna

Zakat of Investment Funds: A New Approach Arabic
(7)  09-11-2016   Prof. Monzer Kahf  Innovation in Islamic Finance (Sorbonne-43) English 
(8)  23-11-2016
 Dr. Hisham Salim Hamza Cash Waqf and Financing of Waqf Investment
(9)  30-11-2016
 Dr. Ahmad Mahdi Belouafi
Islamic Finance in the Literature of International Economic and Financial Organizations: Survey and Analysis
(10)  14-12-2016   Prof. German Rodriguez Moreno What law will govern my contract? Islamic Law and the problem of certainty and enforceability of contract (Sorbonne-44) English 
(11)  21-12-2016   Dr. Walid Mansour  Development strategies of Islamic Financial Products English 
(12)  28-12-2016   Prof. Abdussalam Al-Abbadi  Major contributions by International Islamic Fiqh Academy in Jeddah while serving Islamic economics Arabic 
(13)  04-01-2017   Dr. Al-Eayshi Al-Sadiq Faddad Financial Products in the endowments sector Arabic 
(14) 11-01-2017   Dr. Sami Al-Suwailim Is Economics a Science? Arabic
(15) 18-01-2017   Dr. Faisal Mahmood Atbani Book Review: The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State, Written by: Noah Feldman
(16)  08-02-2017   Mr. Abdullateef  Bello Climate Change financing in the Age of Austerity: Challenges and Opportunities (Sorbonne-45)  English
(17)  15-02-2017   Prof. Mohd Ma'Sumbillah Medical Insurance Reform in Saudi Arabia: Model  & Structure English 
(18)  22-02-2017   Dr. Fadul A. Al-Bashir

Modeling criticism of Islamic Banks: viewing and analyzing

(19) 01-03-2017  Dr. Zakaria Boulanouar  The Islamic origins of Hypothesis Testing Arabic 
(20)  08-03-2017   Ms. Dorsaf  Matri
Islamic Venture Capital in French Law: A legal analysis (Sorbonne-46)  English
(21) 15-03-2017  Dr. Mosa Adam Eisa Options as AnIslamic Instrument for Hedging  Arabic 
(22) 22-03-2017   Prof. Abdul Azim Islahi

Quality Control and Improvements in Research of Islamic Economics 

(23) 29-03-2017   Mr. Yahya lqbal The Doctrine of Necessity and its Application in Contemporary Financial Matters Arabic 

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